Rainbows – Newsletter July 6, 2020

Posted on: July 6, 2020

Snow and rain have come and gone and the season has changed twice since the global pandemic began and our communities went into self-isolation. Over this period, we’ve encountered unprecedented challenges as businesses have been thrown into disarray, families have lost loved ones, societies have pursued difficult self-assessments, and education has been forever changed.

Despite these challenges, our children continue to grow and mature, our relationships deepen, our minds keep tinkering with what comes next, and we know there will always be rainbows to discover.

Drawing on “Grow Like a Lobster,” I continue to be amazed by the molt we’re all experiencing. While I never expected everyone to molt at once, I remain confident that our shells will one day harden and our growth will progress.

To me, the most exciting part of these tough times has been our collective embrace of new forms of technologically supported communication. I like to think that the new ideas shared by businesses and global medical professionals using video conferences, the family reunions initiated via videolink, and the friendships re-discovered using these same technologies are all just like discovering a rainbow. 

Expect your shell to reharden and appreciate each rainbow.

Photo credit: Kristin Krebs-Dick